The Legacy Charitable Fund offers many distinct advantages to philanthropists;

  • Personal Account – each philanthropist receives their own personal account for your assets – the accounts are not pooled nor co-mingled
  • Personal Investment Style – each philanthropist has their assets invested per your investment style and philosophy – The Legacy Charitable Fund will work with you to manage your investments to meet your goals
  • Achieve greater tax deductions with The Legacy Charitable Fund versus other potential charitable accounts- click here to see how they compare
  • Your way – The Legacy Charitable Fund offers philanthropists tremendous flexibility and efficiency. You control your philanthropic assets and you decide when, where, and how much you wish to gift to the charity or charities of your choice.
  • Gift Forever – because there are no gifting time restrictions with The Legacy Charitable Fund, charitable gifts can be made through generations.
  • One check – no longer will you have write multiple checks – one check to The Legacy Charitable Fund satisfies all of your philanthropic goals

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The Legacy Charitable Fund is a charitable investment account which allows philanthropists the ability to incorporate ALL of their philanthropic goals in one instrument.

By offering a simple, tax efficient account, The Legacy Charitable Fund provides philanthropists great advantages in meeting their charitable goals;

  • All donations to The Legacy Charitable Fund receive an immediate income tax deduction in the year of the contribution.
    • Cash – up to 60% of AGI (Adjusted Gross Income)
    • Equities and appreciated assets – up to 30% of AGI
  • Avoid Capital Gains Taxes when equities are transferred in kind to The Legacy Charitable Fund.
  • Avoid Estate Taxes by establishing your personal account with The Legacy Charitable Fund.
  • Investments grow Tax Free with The Legacy Charitable Fund eliminating future taxes for the philanthropist and maximizing potential future donations to the charities of your choice.