Larry Grogan, the founder of The Legacy Charitable Fund, believes those that can, should.

This belief was instilled at an early age by his parents – his greatest gift. As a teenager, Larry worked with the Muscular Dystrophy Association with his friend Bo who suffered with muscular dystrophy from birth. Larry volunteered at MDA summer camps even while he began his professional career. For more than 10 years, Larry would give one week of his typical two weeks of vacation to work at the MDA summer camps. As an adult, Larry continues to support his community by serving on a number of not for profit boards.

The Legacy Charitable Fund was born as a result of Larry’s personal commitment to philanthropy and consulting with clients in the Wealth Management Division of Grogan Advisory Services. He learned that clients were desperate for a strategic method to solve philanthropic goals while maintaining some control of their gifts.

Unlike many donor advised funds, The Legacy Charitable Fund puts the focus on the donor. Each donor has their own personal account, invested per the donor’s investment style following fiduciary investment standards, and each donor decides when, where, and how much they wish to donate to the charities of their choice. Should the donor desire recommendations, The Legacy Charitable Fund is able to recommend charities of a variety of services for the donor.

Now, The Legacy Charitable Fund is Larry’s calling. The mission is to encourage generations of families to financially support charitable needs, wherever their hearts direct them.

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